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For our very first blog post, how could we do anything but thank our amazing friends and family who have helped us get this far? We’ll definitely write about the farms, builders, and others who make our day-to-day business work later. For now, here are just a few of the near and dear who have supported us from the start.

Jim Ingram

When you’re just getting into the wonderful world of frozen treats, it sure doesn’t hurt when the owner of the region’s most popular ice cream shop has your back. Thanks, Jim, for being so generous with advice, lending your chest freezer and pop molds for our R&D phase, and for being an all-around kind and thoughtful fellow. We’ll be sad to see the official Mt. Tom’s Homemade Ice Cream chest freezer leave our home, but we’ll never forget it.

Paul Specht

A long-time friend of Popmaster Julie Tuman, the incredibly talented Paul Specht photographed her wedding in June 2014 and has taken many hundreds of electrifying portraits and landscapes in western Mass and far beyond. The brilliant shots of people enjoying pops that grace our Home page were his work. He really knows how to bring the best out of everyone he shoots. Take a look at PaulSpecht.com and see if you agree.

All Our Pop Stars

Speaking of amazing home page slideshows, we owe a gigantic shout-out to all our charismatic Pop Stars:

  • The King family: Peter, Lydia, the other Peter, and Laurel
  • Jim Ingram (this guy again?!)
  • Reginald Walter Winston Edmonds & Nora Hilfinger
  • Jaana Cutson & Paul Rothenberg
  • Ginger Harris (crikey, those pants!)
  • Cap’n Joe Cirillo
  • Ozzie Ercan & Zeytin Ercan
  • Kelli & Derek Allard
  • The Tuman family: Bill, Linda, and Will
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