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On Hold

As of Tuesday, May 17, we are suspending our free home delivery service for two reasons:

  • high gas prices
  • even higher demand for pops from our wholesale partners

We could solve the first problem by adding a fuel surcharge to each order, and that would be a minor bummer for everybody. But it’s hard to justify even that when we’re doing everything we can just to keep up with high demand from our markets, farm stands, and other great wholesale partners.

The good news is that all those wholesale orders mean there’s a pretty good chance someone’s selling our pops near you. Check our Find Us page for dozens of partners throughout our delivery area. And in case you didn’t already know, High Five Books/Art Always in Florence stocks an enormous variety of flavors, including many you can’t get anywhere else.

Of course you can also find us at all the great farmers’ markets, music festivals, and other events we attend all summer long. We hope we’ll be able to restore home delivery soon, but while we can’t come to you, we hope you’ll come to us!

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