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Brilliant Peach

It's Just Peachy! Yup, we said that. Seriously: nuthin' but ripe juicy peaches. When in season, we pick these ourselves at Quonquont Farm in Whately.

Café Saigon

Just like a Vietnamese Coffee that you'd order from your favorite barista: strong dark-roast espresso with a rich layer of thick, gooey vanilla cream. Careful, this one might keep you awake at night.

Cantaloupe Mint

Two bright flavors. Together, the most refreshing ZING imaginable.

Carrot Ginger

What if healthy things actually tasted great? Guess what: THEY DO! Sweet and savory, energizing and antioxidizing.

Chocolate Cherry Macaroon

Rich, creamy, dense. . . good luck finding anything more chocolatey anywhere.

Ginger Peach

The sultry sweetness of peaches with a gentle ginger bite.

Kiwi Ginger

A tart burst of kiwi with just a hint of warming, energizing ginger in the background.

Lemon Square

A crisp tart lemonplosion, softened by cream, with a slightly chewy texture. If you like the classic lemon pastry, you'll love this frozen version.

Mango Basil Lemon

One of the most striking and delicious flavors. Try it and you'll never forget it!

Mango Lemonade

Vibrant tropical mango juiciness, brightened by a little squeeze of lemon.

Orange Cream

Remember how good creamsicles used to taste, despite the "orange flavor" and chalky "milk"? Now imagine if they used roasted orange zest, hand-squeezed orange juice, and real cream. Yeah. Exactly.

Peaches & Cream

Peaches can be a little demure, so the subtle sweetness of cream shines through. Delicately delicious.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

What better comfort pop than a good old-fashioned PB&J on a stick?

Piña Colada

Do you like Piña Coladas? The Popmaster at Crooked Stick has been known to offer these pops for $1 when she "gets caught in the rain" during a gig.

Pineapple Ginger Lime

Three exotic tastes that taste great together.

Raspberry Coconut

Pairing the tart sweetness of red raspberry with the creamy nuttiness of coconut doesn't seem like an obvious match, but it works. . . try it! We don't overblend the shredded coconut, so this pop has an interesting "tooth" when you bite it.

Raspberry Lemonade

The cool taste of raspberry is even brighter with a squeeze of lemon.

Salted Caramel Apple

Are caramel apples the second best stick dessert? Maybe so. But why settle for second?

Spicy Avocado

The subtle, sweet, creamy taste of avocado with a chili accent. Dare to try it.

Spicy Watermelon

Inspired by Latin American paletas, sweetness pairs with a dash of heat.

Straight-Up Strawberry

Nothing but the classic tang of sweet strawberry. In season, we pick these ourselves!

Strawberry Lemonade

Not too sour, not too sweet, it's easy to see why this is one of our most pop-ular.

Strawberry Rhubarb

No pie crust here, but you can still enjoy the earthy tang of rhubarb over strawberry.

Sweet Potato Pie

Savory comfort food. Creamy and spicy, it'll make you feel like fall.

Vanilla Lemon Basil

It's like a craft cocktail (nonalcoholic, of course). Three subtle flavors that perfectly balance one another: it doesn't taste like any of the three flavors, but a new flavor that's entirely its own thing.


A refreshing burst of crisp, sweet watermelon—perfect for a hot summer day.
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