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Warm It Up Chris (I’m About To)

“Warm it up” is more than a timeless exhortation from one legend of hip hop to another. It’s also great advice for pop eaters seeking to coax peak flavor from their favorite treat.  If you’re drinking whiskey, you might add…

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Why Are the Sticks Crooked?

This is, by a pretty wide margin, the most common question people ask at events, in the pop shop, or anywhere we meet up with with our pop-loving customers. It’s an odd name, so it makes sense that people  wonder.…

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Where do I make the pops?

Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a number of questions about where I make the pops. So cool that folk are interested. As you may know, Easthampton has an amazing row of repurposed mills on Pleasant Street. While they look…

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Some Of Our Fabulous Friends

For our very first blog post, how could we do anything but thank our amazing friends and family who have helped us get this far? We'll definitely write about the farms, builders, and others who make our day-to-day business work later.…

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