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Nutritional Information

Our fruit pops generally have: 50-70 calories 9-12 total carbs 7-11 grams total sugars about 4 grams of added sugars The main source of calories in our fruit pops is the fruit itself. This means fruit with a high calorie/sugar…

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Allergen Info

Both of my parents have life threatening food allergies (mom is allergic to nuts, dad to shellfish). As a child of the seventies, when food allergies were not handled as they are today, I have vivid memories of being out…

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“What Flavors Do You Have?”

Every time someone asks us for a list of flavors, we start to feel like Bubba Gump talking about shrimp: we have strawberry, strawberry lemonade, strawberry watermelon fruit punch, strawberry smoothies, strawberries and cream, strawberry mango banana, strawberry pineapple banana,…

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Community Support

We thrive through the support of this amazing community, so it seems only natural to want to give back as much as possible. Julie currently donates her time to the board of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, and is…

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How We Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Having close ties to local agriculture—as well as not being oblivious to things like "science" and "the news"—we're keenly aware of the impacts of climate change on our farming community. We're serious about our responsibility to minimize environmental impact, and…

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We Love Local Agriculture

When starting Crooked Stick Pops in 2016, one goal was to utilize as much local produce as possible. To that end, we made the commitment that if produce grows within 50 miles of our home base in Easthampton, we will…

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