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Warm It Up Chris (I’m About To)

“Warm it up” is more than a timeless exhortation from one legend of hip hop to another. It’s also great advice for pop eaters seeking to coax peak flavor from their favorite treat.  If you’re drinking whiskey, you might add…

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Carrot and Goat Cheese Farrotto

Carrot and Goat Cheese Farrotto (from America’s Test Kitchen, Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution, Farro Risotto with Carrots and Goat Cheese) Ingredients 2 cups vegetable broth (I used chicken because it’s what I have on hand) 1 cup whole farro 1…

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Where do I make the pops?

Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a number of questions about where I make the pops. So cool that folk are interested. As you may know, Easthampton has an amazing row of repurposed mills on Pleasant Street. While they look…

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