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Both of my parents have life threatening food allergies (mom is allergic to nuts, dad to shellfish). As a child of the seventies, when food allergies were not handled as they are today, I have vivid memories of being out to eat and mom or dad chewing a benadryl after realizing something listed as “safe” wasn’t, and hoping to get to the hospital in time (thankfully, we always did). That makes a vivid impact on a young mind to the importance of taking food allergies seriously.

We are 100% gluten, peanut, soy, egg, and sesame free. If the FDA didn’t consider coconuts a treenut, we would also be 100% treenut free. As it is, we do use coconut, so we cannot make that statement, even though according to science, coconut is a drupe (seed or fruit) not a nut, even though the word “nut” is in the name. Sigh.

We do use dairy in some pops.

We are hyper about potential risks for cross contamination, and take extreme measures to ensure that there are not even possibilities for such contamination to occur. If you’re interested in all that we do, it’s much easier as a conversation rather than lengthy text. Just give me (Julie) a call at 413 337-7677.

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