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3 Ways to Get Crooked Stick Pops

Have you ever wished delicious pops would show up at your home or office? Honestly. . . who hasn’t? Well, if you live within our delivery map, just order at least ten pops (more is okay too) and this beautiful dream will come true! Delivery is free, and most days, we’ll be there the morning after you order.

Order Pops

You can now find our pops in four states (MA, VT, NY, CT) at farm stands, grocery stores, and all kind of other cool places within our region.

Scroll down to learn about our new partnership with High Five Books & Art Always. They have a full freezer with over a dozen flavors, including a few that don’t get out to events. (Vietnamese Coffee fanatics, we’re talking to you!) You’ll also find us at:

  • Atlas Farm, South Deerfield
  • Bardwell Farm, Hatfield
  • Mayvale Farm, Westhampton
  • Morningstar Farm, Hudson, NY
  • River Valley Co-op (both locations)
  • Special Gifts (North Amherst)
  • etc.
More Locations
Farewell, Sweet Pop Shop

We’re a little bit choked up as we share this news: we’ve decided not to reopen our beloved shop in Eastworks. Heartfelt thanks to all our regular customers who visited us there and knew what a special place it was. We’ll all miss it. We loved having the chance to hang out with you for a few minutes in a peaceful and happy space while you enjoyed a pop.

Don’t worry, Crooked Stick Pops is still going strong, we’re just focusing our efforts in different places. For starters, we’re thrilled to partner with High Five Books & Art Always at 141 North Main Street in Florence. We’ve filled the pop shop freezer with a huge variety of flavors, and you can find it in their super-cool shop. Browse books and fun art projects, then enjoy a pop or two on your way out. Support three fabulous local businesses in one great location!

Of course, you can always find us at farmers’ markets and festivals around the area, or for true pop luxury, have us deliver to your door for FREE.

Order Pops for Home Delivery
Have Pops at Your Event

We’ll work with you to realize your unique vision for you wedding or special event. Special flavors, presentations, and other personal touches are welcome and encouraged. Book us well in advance, because the summer fills up fast!

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