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Where do I make the pops?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a number of questions about where I make the pops. So cool that folk are interested. As you may know, Easthampton has an amazing row of repurposed mills on Pleasant Street. While they look like one giant building from the road, there are actually four (or maybe five or six) separate buildings, each with its own character. My kitchen is in the Sulco building, which is 122 Pleasant Street—a 600,000 square foot behemoth. We take up 790 of those on the second floor.

This is my base of operations, what I like to call the “Pop Lab” since so much of what I do comes from playing and creating. More about that in another post. See how everything in the kitchen is shiny and new. That’s because we built it from scratch. (Kind of like the pops, now that I think about it!) Curious what that looks like? Well, here we go…

Actually, There Used To Be A Wall Dividing Those Beige Tiles On The Right From The Rest Of The Room, But We Destroyed That Wall With Sledgehammers, Demo Bars, And Chisels. The Chisels Were For Removing All Those Glass Blocks Stacked Against The Wall. There Were 375, And We Only Broke One!
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