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Grab Life By The Stick!!

Hard to believe – it’s already fall, and our flavors are shifting to those rich, spiced fall flavors! The Pop Shop is open Wednesday through Saturday 12:30-8 (we are closed Sunday through Tuesday). Can you think of anything better to celebrate fall than a toasted coconut cream coffee or maple pear pop? Let us know if you think of something. . . until then, you can:

  • visit our pop shop in Eastworks in Easthampton
  • check out our menu of creative pop flavors
  • follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you’ll know where to find our freezer trike at festivals, events, and in your town
  • book us for your party, fundraiser, mud race, or anywhere you want to make a flavorful impression
  • post your pics of Crooked Stick Pops on Instagram with #crookedstickpopstars for a chance to win free pops!
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